Meeting Minutes 8/4/15

BoCo VOAD Launch Meeting
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 – 3:00-4:30pm
Boulder Rural Fire Protection District

In attendance: Joan Cernich, Tiernan Doyle, Stephanie Walton, Mickey Ellenwood, Rebecca Shannon, Julie Phillips, Mike Chard, Andrew Notbohm, Justin Bukartek, Aaron Titus, Linda Drullinger, Amy Hardy, Mike Moore, Don Parcher, Matthew Cedar

1) Announcements
2) Tasks and Roles for Chair, Co-Chair and Secretary
3) Quarterly Meeting Planning
4) LTFRG/VOAD Transition Update
5) Membership Outreach for Quarterly Meeting

Tiernan Doyle has been hired as the VOAD and Resilience Network Project Coordinator. Congratulations Tiernan!
Linda has a new title! She is the representative for the Boulder County Faith Network for Community Response.

  • This network will start meeting regularly, and have a response training coming up.
  • They are planning on quarterly meetings and she is working on improving membership countywide
  • Amy will help get mountain churches on board
  • Discussions of internal communications will take place in two weeks
  • Julie spoke with South Central Region VOAD. They are working closely with the faith community. They have convened a large conference that could provide a great model.
  • Julie will connect Nancy Gorsich, chair of the SCR VOAD with Linda.

Update from Rebecca Lawrence via email: “Please know I am on the brink of creating a ‘Disaster Training’ with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Dept Victim Advocates with Mike Chard…in its infancy…have to meet with the Advocate Director…probably our FEMA Region Mass Care Coordinator…give me a few weeks. The reason I’m telling you is because the advocates (in parallel with groups like Southern Baptists, Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc.) were one of the first points of contact with the
evacuated flood victims…and seems to me we need to stream line/tighten the communication with the Advocate Program…and that the local VOAD folks should understand their role in disaster and vice versa. You can share my intent with the group today if it seems appropriate.”

Quarterly Meeting Planning
The meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 26 from 5:30-7pm at the Longmont Library.
The agenda will be:
1. Update on Bylaws, Officer Roles and Responsibilities.

2. Brief update from Stephanie Walton on the LTFRG and how VOADs will be invited to continue the work of flood recovery once the LTFRG stops formally meeting.

3. View and discuss the Mudslinger/Aly Nicklas’ movie Kneedeep. Tiernan will moderate the discussion. See attached document for draft discussion facilitation guide.

Further refining of the agenda will be conducted by small group: Julie, Aaron, Tiernan, Rebecca. This group will identify additional supplies needed and tasks to be completed.

LTFRG/VOAD Transition Update
Stephanie provided an update on how the VOAD can support some of the ongoing work of recovery after the LTFRG closes its formal operations.
1. Transition coming at the end of December.
2. Most committee heads have a transition plan.
3. Case management, Unmet Needs, Volunteers and Construction, Mental Health and Spiritual Care will remain ongoing needs that can be addressed by VOAD members.

  • The VOAD agreed to form a committee to work more in-depth with the LTFRG to understand what this transition might look like. Tiernan Doyle, Rebecca Shannon, Julie Phillips, Don Parcher, Mike Moore, Matt Cedar and Joan Cernich will be a part of this committee.

Membership Outreach for Quarterly Meeting
Each member of the Launch Committee chose an individual/organization that has previously attended a VOAD meeting to do personal outreach. See attached for assignments.
Tasks and Roles for Chair/Co-Chair/Secretary
A full discussion of the tasks and roles for chair, co-chair, and secretary will take place on August 18th . See attached for survey results.
Aaron Titus moved that the attendees of the meeting in two weeks (August 18th ) vote in temporary officers by majority vote and the term will be from August 18th until the first general election or January 2016, whichever comes first. This motion is seconded by Stephanie and carried by consensus of the group. Julie will work with Katie Arrington, Stephanie Walton and Tiernan to draft tasks and roles for the Project Coordinator based off the job description developed by BoCo Strong. This
will be presented to the VOAD Launch committee on August 18 th for feedback and approval.

Agenda of next meeting: August 18th , 3-4:30
1. Appoint Co-Chair and Secretary
2. Internal Communication Plan
3. Membership (Community Advocate/Liaison, Government Partner)

Homework/Action Items:

  • View the Mudslinger’s movie, Knee Deep as well as the draft Discussion/Facilitation Guide for after the film.
  • Review the VOAD Project Coordinator job description and be prepared to give feedback to the proposed tasks and roles that will be shared.
  • Contact agencies, if assigned, for the VOAD Quarterly Meeting.
  • Come with some notes/thoughts for Internal Communication Plan.
  • Consider some of the following questions: Different platforms, nodes of communication (who pushes and pulls)? What are types of information sets and messages? What is your schedule? What do you want to get from the network? Who needs to communicate? Who can send the communications and to whom? What do you want? What is valuable? And is that explained in the process?