Meeting Minutes 6/16/15

Boulder County VOAD Launch Committee

Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, June 16, 3:00-4:30pm

Debrief Tornado Response

  •  What questions did we have?
  • What information do we need that we do not yet have?
  • What issues arise when there is a small disaster that does not activate all levels of the

Communications between Boulder OEM/EOC, FHUW and BoCo VOAD

  • Who do people call for help? 2-1-1
  • After hours? Red Cross in first 72 hours. Do we want other things in place
  • Coordinating with neighboring VOADs
  • Communicating our plan with COVOAD
  • Updates went out to VOAD members – Tiernan
  • How is the VOAD activated? What does that mean? What does that look like?
  • How do residents contact our VOAD?
  • Communications
    What tools are we already using? What is working? What isn’t?
  • What do we need to add/change/do differently?
  • What needs to be done now? What can the new VOAD staff team member work on?
  • Review contact lists.
  • Launch Committee List
  • VOAD potential membership
  • Contact list during a disaster (Red Cross contact, George Cummings)

Next BoCo VOAD Quarterly Meeting

  • Date and location set. Confirm time: Wednesday, July 29. 5-6pm or 5:30-6:30pm?
  • Plan meeting agenda.

SUV Training

  • Who is signed up?
  • Who needs to be there? What outreach needs to be done?

Building the VOAD Membership

  • Next steps
  • Can we sign-up members at the next quarterly meeting? Have a computer on-site?