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11/19/2019 BoCo VOAD Meeting Minutes

Boulder County VOAD Meeting | Held at Lyons Fire District in Lyons.

November 19, 2019

Attendees: Bernard Lodge (via Skype), Aaron Titus, Dave Greenhouse, Aimee Kane, Andrew Notbohm, Mary Eldred, Joycelyn Fankhouser, Jaclyn Kurle, Chris Campbell, Toshen Golias, David Takahashin, Thalia Foster, Dennis Whalen, Kristen Westhoff, Joyce Glazier, Craig Schmidle

Office Elections were held with runoff for chair and a motion to accept the remaining slate, was approved. No nominations were received from the floor.

The officers for the coming year are:

Chair: Craig Schmidle; Co-Chair: Aaron Titus; Secretary: Joyce Glazier

At-large members: Bernie Lodge, Dennis Whalen, Dave Greenhouse

Advisor to the Board (non-voting) – Mary Eldred

Presentation by Andrew Notbohm, Boulder County OEM ‘Where VOAD intersects with response and recovery during disasters.’ Andrew showed in each phase of the response and recovery where VOAD groups can be actively involved. The Transition between response and recovery is a hot spot for unmet needs. This is another place where the VOAD can be actively involved. Aaron Titus suggested we consider a timeline from the viewpoint of the community similar to the government oriented EOC operations graph.

Emergent organizations can be good at taking on SUVs during response. Some groups are Non-formalized, community embedded organizers. i.e. Barb in Nederland knows everyone and everything. Support for these informal organizations is needed to connect SUV groups with survivors (with the trusted broker in between). “Independent action”, a term used by OEM of uninvited organizations or people working on their own during an event.

Joycelyn Fankhouser wants to look at how to build a long-term recovery group prior to the next event.

The online location of the By-laws was requested. By-laws can be found at: https://www.bocovoad.org/bylaws/ The VOAD website home page is https://www.bocovoad.org

Upcoming Trainings and Updates from VOAD members:

  • David Greenhouse – American Red Cross - responsible for Community engagement, Number of activities trainings (typically at Denver Chapter office), if there’s enough interest in a different geographic area, they can bring a training into that area. Red Cross does a lot of preparedness events, that happen in only 3 of the 10 counties the Mile-High Chapter includes. Hopefully next year events will be more dispersed (Boulder) for training.

  • Babysitter training, CPR, First Aid, can they be held in other places than Denver?

  • Has been doing sheltering surveys to update accurate info on capacity. Difference between shelter and evac center, so trying to assess current capacity for sheltering. Taking pictures, facilities for disabled, pets, feeding of people, etc. National Shelter Survey database – Red Cross is maintaining it; updated every 2 years. About 30 facilities in Boulder county, but half are the preferred ones, others are last resort.

  • Aimee Kane – winding down putting together annual reports, doing strategic planning. No trainings.

  • Dennis Whalen – meeting with CU hazmat prof Vickery re: preparedness with asset work

  • Chris Campbell – working on pandemic flu exercise. ACS, functional exercise with MACs group. Full scale exercise operational – Fairgrounds May 12-13, 2020. VOAD NEEDED for 200 volunteers as sick people, 30-40 as unit/team leaders for support services.

  • Careconnect/Cultivate – training for transportation volunteers – January – Veteran transport program to get vets to various VA campuses. Wants to do a training on PTSD for people working with those folks.

  • Tosh – Lyons Prepared – communication among neighborhoods, provide EResponders with communication in those neighborhoods. Also, early fall preparedness fair. Challenge is that there are two counties in Lyons. VOAD in Larimer, and Gilpin counties. Wants to connect with Larimer VOAD through Aaron who is on executive committee.

  • David Takahashi – Green Faith – Together Colorado – statewide interfaith advocacy group.

  • Climate emergency has given faith communities ability to look at interfaith approach – more in common than not. 85% of world is a member of something. Tremendous power if we recognize it. Working in isolation hasn’t worked. Together and Interfaith part are coming together – moving that AHEAD of disasters, building community during ‘peace’ time in climate change.

  • Jaclyn Kurle – CO DHSEM – ICS 300 CoTrain.gov May 20, 2020 and Sept ICS 400,

  • COVOAD holiday potluck on Dec. 3. 9195 E. Mineral Ave – Centennial

  • Charlotte Olsen and she are figuring out how to increase mass care response capabilities so tool-kit workshop to be taken across the state. Database run by Colorado – using HelpColoradoNow.org – encourage public to go there. Robin Knappe was contact with VisionLink. Visionlink connection has gone to Mike Willis (Director DHSEM) so connection has slowed down. Updates are planned to bring it in line with DART system being used by NVOAD. How do both Visionlink-created databases work and scale up the small CO one into the larger one.

  • DHSEM private sector liaison – governmentjobs.com will be coming open in a few weeks

  • Joycelyn – working on Foothills and Mile High United Way fall out – CFBC is encouraging as new potential site for donation fund fiscal agency. Working out those details. Approaching Longmont Community Foundation if there’s an event there. Lyons Community Foundation is part of CFBC. They could have their own fund if that was needed. Working on exercise with Red Cross, standing up resources and practicing. Grant received for additional sheltering supplies which will be stored in Boulder and Nederland, including cots, MREs, AFN supplies. Mobile – can be a shared resource across the region in other counties.

  • Aaron Titus, IMA Thursday morning meeting – Amy Hardy is stepping down as chair.

  • Community Preparedness round table – Dec 10-12 FEMA region 8 – Jaclyn will report out.

  • Dec 10 – Prep Talk FEMA TEDTalks – Aaron will be publishing his talk. “Let the community lead” how to restructure command structure.

  • Dec 12 – Active shooter training in Loveland. Contact Aaron for info.

  • Mile High United Way is not engaging in emergency response.

  • Andrew Notbohm, CO Emergency management Conference CEMA – Loveland – Feb 25-27, 2020. COVOAD will not be holding a meeting on last day of the conference.

  • Joyce will send out PowerPoint from Andrew’s presentation.

  • Aaron talked about nominations for Volunteer CEMA award for outstanding volunteer achievement and public/private achievement award. Collecting letters for Amy Hardy for nomination of that award.

  • Meeting was adjourned. Attendees were invited to stop by Mojo ‘to meet you for a libation!’

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